Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Emerging from the ice

Spleenville.com is back up. I'm still waiting on the add-on domains (Timblair.net, Victorysoap.us, Twistedspinster.com) to come up. Stay tuned.

Update: they are waiting for the subdomains to propagate. They'll be up asap.

Update #2: we're all back up.


Greg D said...

You're back down again. :-(

CatsGo said...

1.13pm eastern Australian time. Can't access Blair's comments or links. My prob or Spleenville's?

Andrea said...

I can't access anything either. I just sent a message to the host help desk.

Andrea Harris

ForNow said...

Somebody seems persistent about targeting Spleenville.

Andrea said...

OK, back up! They rebooted -- see my new post, that may be the cause. If so I am a dummy and will put on the clown shoes.