Monday, January 24, 2005


Oh this is hilarious. Some webfooted credulous plucked chicken is on the phone reading off every single hippyshit BushIsHitler™ talking point that have been chewed up and regurgitated and scraped up and dumped in the garbage and taken to the landfill and buried and converted to methane, which he breathes in... You know, all of it:
  • There were no WMDs
  • The Children! of Iraq! And their happy kites!
  • That axe murderess who got executed in Texas -- the new Blessed Mother of the Church of the George W. Bush Haters
  • All those poor murderers that were executed in Texas when Dubya was governor -- as if that was some sort of bad thing
And so on and so forth -- Hewitt reduced him to sputtering about how "it's not Christian to kill people." It's always amusing to hear people who sound like the sort of busybodies who think Santa displays in the public square are "too religious" attempt to lecture others on what is "Christian." It's pretty pathetic, but it seems about par for the course whenever the words "George Bush" are uttered in the presence of a liberal these days.